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    Audit supervisor 招聘中



    1. Responsible for organizing the audit department to work on the internal control and risk management of the company, improve the internal audit system of the audit department, and ensure the smooth development of the company's audit work;

    2. Responsible for conducting regular audits and special audits, responsible for audit reports and audits;

    3. Foreign affairs activities responsible for managing the audit;

    4. Responsible for the organization, management, personnel and supervision of the company's business activities to ensure the authenticity and integrity of financial information;

    job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, accounting, audit related professional knowledge;

    2. Have relevant work experience for more than 3 years, and have rich experience in auditing;

    3. Familiar with fiscal and tax regulations, audit procedures and company financial management processes;

    4. Excellent communication, coordination and management skills, with good professional ethics and teamwork spirit;

    Administrative manager/supervisor 招聘中


    1. Through continuous improvement of the company's various administrative services; optimize and standardize the procedural workflow.

    2. Standardize administrative matters, logistics management processes, and effectively control costs;

    3. According to the company's development strategy, comprehensively coordinate and be responsible for the management of the company's internal and external publicity;

    4. Responsible for liaison and maintenance management with relevant government authorities.

    5. According to the internal management requirements of the company and the business department, carry out the logistics and auxiliary work of various meetings of the department;

    6. According to the internal management requirements of the company, carry out employee care implementation, employee activity organization planning and implementation;

    job requirements:

    1. Have good communication and expression and confidentiality awareness, work in a structured manner, meticulous, serious, responsible, and rigorous;

    2. Skilled computer operation and Office office software, with basic network knowledge;

    3. Familiar with office administrative knowledge and workflow, familiar with official document writing format, and have basic business letter writing skills;

    Quality Manager / Quality Engineer 招聘中


    1. Develop product quality inspection standards, product information feedback, and statistical processes.

    2. Handle customer feedback and improve quality control based on feedback.

    3. Hosting related materials inspection, shipment inspection and shipment review, etc.

    4, customer needs analysis

    5. Summarize product quality issues and promote relevant departments to resolve them in a timely manner.

    6. In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000, do a good job in quality control and continuous improvement of the department.

    7. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior


    1, professional is not limited, 2-5 years of quality work experience, familiar with production line geometry and quality exception handling tracking, PQE work experience is preferred;

    2, a wide range of knowledge, skilled use of quality management tools, good at communication, communication;

    3, have a strong ability to respond, have a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for people, have a good team spirit.

    Promotion Channel: Quality Engineer - Senior Quality Engineer - Quality Supervisor - Quality Manager

    Benefits: five insurance and one gold, double room (air conditioning, water heater, TV, broadband), welfare canteen

    Director of Human Resources 招聘中


    1. Comprehensively plan the company's human resources strategy;

    2. Planning and design of the organizational structure and process system of the Group/Business Department

    3. Establish and improve the human resources management system of the theater company, study and design the human resource management model (including the comprehensive construction of recruitment, performance, training, compensation and employee development systems), and formulate and improve the human resources management system;

    4. The construction of the company's talent echelon;

    5. Shape, maintain, develop and disseminate corporate culture;

    job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above; age 35-45 years old.

    2. More than 10 years of experience in human resources management, more than 5 years of experience in managing human resources directors of group companies/foreign/listed companies;

    3. Have the ability to build management systems such as human resources strategic planning, organizational change management, and management capability development;

    4. Familiar with labor and personnel laws and regulations, proficient in human resources regulations and corresponding human resource management knowledge;

    5. Strong communication and coordination and planning and organization skills. Ability to withstand work stress and adaptability

    Salary: 300,000-500,000 annual salary (before tax)

    Sales Manager 招聘中


    1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

    2. According to the company's sales plan, complete the department's sales indicators;

    3. Actively explore the company's business channels and business scope;

    4. Maintain and manage customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers

    job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, marketing major is preferred;

    2. Priority in the sales experience of traditional manufacturing and photovoltaic industry auxiliary materials;

    3. Strong communication skills and clear logical thinking skills;

    Salary and benefits: single and double break, five insurance and one gold, free accommodation, welfare canteen

    Promotion Channel: Business Representative - Business Manager - Regional Manager - Sales Manager - Sales Director

    Statistician 招聘中


    Workshop experience is preferred.