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    Production reserve cadre 招聘中


    1. Participate in the formulation of various management systems and implementation rules for production, technology, operations, total quality, administration, human resources, and standardization of the department, and assist managers in controlling, supervising, and evaluating the implementation of the system;

    2. Assist the manager to allocate the resources of the department, implement the company's process documents and work instructions, improve resource utilization efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce production and management costs, and achieve product cost requirements issued by the company;

    3. Collect collection, collation, filing and preservation of production data and data, and regularly analyze the control of production, quality and production costs;

    4. Assist the manager to optimize staffing, rationally configure positions, establish and guide work processes and procedures, establish efficient work and production organization structure, establish platforms for organizational efficiency improvement, management and technological innovation, and resource optimization, and achieve departmental performance. Overall improvement;

    5. Strengthen the safety production management of the department, strengthen the education of employees' safety awareness, check and promote the safety system and standardize the operation. Strengthen material safety management to prevent material theft and loss;

    6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.


    1. College degree or above, outstanding graduates in mechanical, mold, materials and management related fields;

    2. 1-5 years of production management experience in manufacturing enterprises, familiar with the operation and process of production and manufacturing departments, familiar with production cost control site management;

    3. Strong execution and cooperation ability;

    4. Good communication skills, excellent analytical problems and problem solving skills;

    Note: Please read the job responsibilities, job requirements, and then choose whether to deliver your resume, thank you!

    Benefits: five insurance and one gold, accommodation (air conditioning, water heater, TV, broadband), single break

    Promotion channel: (reserve cadre, production team leader) - production supervisor - production manager - production vice president - production director