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High-end low-voltage electrical leading enterprise Liangxin Electric Layout industrial automation perfect industrial chain
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Polaris Smart Grid Online News: Polaris Smart Grid Online learned that a few days ago, Liangxin Electric signed an intentional agreement with the major shareholders of the two target companies on the equity acquisition, and planned to acquire Shenzhen Sinus Electric and Shanghai Ai Lingke 51 in cash. % equity, according to preliminary negotiations, the total transaction amount does not exceed 640 million yuan. The company is a high-end market leader in low-voltage electrical appliances. Its product line is complete, including terminal electrical appliances, control appliances and power distribution appliances. The compound revenue growth rate of its main revenue in the past 10 years is over 20%.

The company said that through this acquisition, in terms of products, the company can further enrich the product line and improve the industrial chain; in terms of customers and channels, the company and the target company have a great degree of synergy. The company is expected to further strengthen its market competitiveness through effective integration and improvement in production R&D, operation management, personnel scheduling, and fund allocation. Through this transaction, the company can form a strategic layout in the fields of industrial automation and power distribution intelligent systems.

2 It is understood that the company completed the acquisition of smart homes for smart electricians in September 2017. Through this acquisition, the company is expected to further strengthen itself through effective integration and upgrading in production R&D, operation management, personnel scheduling and fund allocation. Market competitiveness; and formation of strategic layout in the fields of industrial automation, power distribution intelligent systems, etc., is expected to become a comprehensive solution provider of electrification.

Sinus Electric is committed to providing automation control system solutions for equipment manufacturers. It has independently developed a series of series inverters, integrated special machines, servo systems, elevator drive controllers, electric vehicle drives, special power supplies, etc., and continues to accumulate quality customers. Resources. The R&D and sales of the target company is the core part of the value chain. In 2016, revenue and net profit were 148 million yuan and 9.64 million yuan respectively. Through the acquisition of Sinus Electric, the company is expected to improve its manufacturing and R&D levels and promote performance during the period of industrial automation and the rapid growth of new energy vehicles.

It is understood that Ai Lingke provides design, development, production, sales and service of various products such as power quality, power distribution security and intelligent system integration. The main product categories include: harmonic control and reactive power compensation, power monitoring and energy management system integration, ship shore power system, smart home and smart lighting control system, automatic transfer switch, electrical fire and fire equipment power. Acquired Ai Lingke to improve the layout of smart power distribution and smart home

The smart grid is a strategic emerging industry in the country. Low-voltage electrical products provide more than 30% of the application market. The acquisition of Ai Lingke can make the company's products and technologies more suitable for the market. Combined with the acquisition of smart electrician technology and market in 2017, it helps the company to complete the layout in hot industries such as smart grid and smart home, and fosters new growth points for the company under the complementary advantages and synergies.

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