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Administrative manager/supervisor
social recruitment   /   2018-09-13 11:05:29

1. Through continuous improvement of the company's various administrative services; optimize and standardize the procedural workflow.

2. Standardize administrative matters, logistics management processes, and effectively control costs;

3. According to the company's development strategy, comprehensively coordinate and be responsible for the management of the company's internal and external publicity;

4. Responsible for liaison and maintenance management with relevant government authorities.

5. According to the internal management requirements of the company and the business department, carry out the logistics and auxiliary work of various meetings of the department;

6. According to the internal management requirements of the company, carry out employee care implementation, employee activity organization planning and implementation;

job requirements:

1. Have good communication and expression and confidentiality awareness, work in a structured manner, meticulous, serious, responsible, and rigorous;

2. Skilled computer operation and Office office software, with basic network knowledge;

3. Familiar with office administrative knowledge and workflow, familiar with official document writing format, and have basic business letter writing skills;