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Quality Manager / Quality Engineer
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1. Develop product quality inspection standards, product information feedback, and statistical processes.

2. Handle customer feedback and improve quality control based on feedback.

3. Hosting related materials inspection, shipment inspection and shipment review, etc.

4, customer needs analysis

5. Summarize product quality issues and promote relevant departments to resolve them in a timely manner.

6. In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000, do a good job in quality control and continuous improvement of the department.

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior


1, professional is not limited, 2-5 years of quality work experience, familiar with production line geometry and quality exception handling tracking, PQE work experience is preferred;

2, a wide range of knowledge, skilled use of quality management tools, good at communication, communication;

3, have a strong ability to respond, have a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for people, have a good team spirit.

Promotion Channel: Quality Engineer - Senior Quality Engineer - Quality Supervisor - Quality Manager

Benefits: five insurance and one gold, double room (air conditioning, water heater, TV, broadband), welfare canteen